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What is urethroplasty?

This is an open operation on the urethra, performed for a recurrent or troublesome stricture (narrowing, scar tissue) in the urethra that has not responded to dilatation or urethrotomy. It is very common for these strictures to recur after urethrotomy or dilatation.

There are various forms of the operation, and the one used will depend on the exact location of the stricture, and also its length.

How is this operation performed?

The operation is done under general anaesthetic, with an incision made in the perineum (the skin between the scrotum and the back passage) to access the urethra.

Overall, these procedures have about a 90% chance of long-term success, but again, this depends on the length, severity and location of the stricture. For severe strictures, the success rate can be somewhat lower.

Urethral sub-specialist surgeons

For a number of years, urethroplasties have been performed by surgeons with a subspecialist training in the operation, who also perform quite a few of them every year. It is quite a rare operation, and long-term results are better if a sub-specialist urethroplasty surgeon performs it. In Adelaide, there are a small number of Urologists undertaking these operations, and if you need a urethroplasty, Nick will refer you to one of these surgeons.


This information is intended as an educational guide only, and is here to help you as an additional source of information, along with a consultation from your urologist. The information does not apply to all patients.

Not all potential complications are listed, and you must talk to your urologist about the complications specific to your situation.


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